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    A center is created of secure data and conditioned with two servers of production, accessible only with fingerprint detector panel and authorized RFID card. A dedicated fiber optic line is installed for the server and 5 new jobs are created fully equipated to accommodate new workers
    Commercial agreements have been created for host project and exploit the new data center and we have been able to answer to the demand of data processing which has grown exponentially in recent months.
    The installation of the bank of secure data it has been completed and is 100% operational, likewise they have been created 5 new Jobs necessary to be able to meet with the growing demand for services and the internationalization of the different projects that are underway and future projects that will have to be carried out.


    The company X-Net Software Solutions S.L has been a beneficiary of European Regional Development Fund, whose objective is get a business tissue more cometitive and by which has received a grant for the creation of a center of secure data in local for development, the expansion and the scalability of services rendered.

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