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Our History

X-Net Software Solutions is a company dedicated to the development of ERP solutions based on the cloud, the development of custom applications and software, as well as the integration of web pages and electronic commerce. Since its founding, X-Net Software Solutions has developed several solutions online and in the cloud, collaborating with open source projects such as Facturascripts and offering an ERP solution to companies that need it.

X-Net Software Solutions is a business management software that unifies in a single place all the activities and tasks that are carried out in any company: Creation of budgets, order management, billing, accounting, treasury, etc. Our software is characterized because it is an adaptable and customizable program for each client, in such a way that each section can be customized according to the needs of each business. It is a multi-user solution and can be used in several jobs without adding license costs.

It is an integrated software with institutions such as financial and banking entities, and with applications of daily use (Paypal, GoogleDrive, GoogleCalendar, etc.) including electronic commerce applications (Prestashop, Woocommerce, among others). The speed with which orders and invoices are executed and the easy-to-generate accounting entries, are a highlight. Being a cloud solution, you can access all your business information anytime, anywhere, be an adaptable tool for computers, tablets and smartphones.

"Our mission is to facilitate the management of your business."

Our goal is to provide solutions to those companies that, due to their great complexity of management or the difficulty of implementing software, do not have an ideal tool for your business.

Meet our team

Nowadays, the most usual thing is to carry out online procedures without receiving the personalized treatment that we all deserve, we want to differentiate ourselves and get to know the human team behind X-Net Digital.

José Manuel Ramos Expósito / CEO

He is the one who directs and raises every day new challenges and goals to achieve.

Manuel Miranda Melián / Senior Developer

He is responsible for integrations and that everything works perfectly in the recruitment and hiring processes.

Francesc Pineda Segarra / Software Engineer

It is the perfect person to turn to if what needs to be developed is a new module for the system.

Rafael San José Tovar / Software Engineer

There is no one better than him when it comes to integrating third-party APIs and making everything fit.

Karen Damas Olivero / International Marketing Agent

The world is smaller thanks to her, everything related to our international expansion is her responsibility.

Sheila Guerrero Rojas / International Marketing Agent

Design of internal and external commercial strategies, facilitates us the entire international process and motivates us to continue developing.

César Pietri / Inbound Marketing/ SEO / Ecommerce

Marketing campaigns, advertising ... those are his fields and he also loves them.

Sergio Jordan Queipo / Project Management

Ensures that projects are completed on time and get in touch with the different departments.

Javier Padrón Noda /
Service Manager

He is responsible for ensuring the continuous improvement of management system andall its processes and help us to improve our systemns every day.

Raquel Olivero Hernández / Administración

Numbers, contacts, administration ... If you have a problem with billing, look for it.

Joshua Díaz Robayna / Web Development

The development and web design, the best sites and the most impressive designs are its creation.

Santiago Miralles Cano / Innovation Consultant

He advises us about business, providing their ideas, experiences and knowledge to help make decisions and improve results.

Christian Brito Ramos / Investigator – Blockchain

Our business researcher gives us advice, create strategies, gather information and know Blockchain technology.

Moisés Javier Hernández Cabrera / Maintenance and hardware technician.

In charge of the assembly, technical support and repair of the company's hardware.

Rubén González Estévez / Maintenance and hardware technician.

Extensive knowledge of the operation, structure and assembly of the hardware, and is up to date with the news of the sector.

Nicolás Sánchez / Maintenance and hardware technician.

Avoids the incidences of the base software and guarantees that the correct functioning of the computer system is its work.

Alberto García del Rey / Photographer

It helps us edit videos and capture photographs ... even in 3D

Our technology partners

We work for our clients, this close and friendly treatment sometimes creates unique alliances that make us partners to go hand in hand.

Suppliers of technological services

They help us to do our job better

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