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Business Intelligence

Technology with purpose, during these years and thanks to a broad knowledge of tools such as Microsoft's PowerBi, among others, we help companies to analyze data and provide real solutions to make their business prosper and help them grow, analyzing all types of data related to their business model and helping to pivot and adapt to changes in the market. Not only will we be your best technology consultant, but we can provide technology to many of your needs with our solutions.

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Since our beginning in 2016, we have become a benchmark company at the national and international level, awarded with many awards and being a benchmark in the technology sector. With more than 20,000 users connected to our platforms we are without a doubt the best option to become your best technological ally, we will help you grow in the same way that we have grown.

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The Process Towards Your Success

Discovering the needs

Our team meets with you to determine what the company's needs are.


We analyze the information you currently have and where you want to go.

Start up

We perform the entire process under strict control to determine the exact point at which you can scale your business.

Nuestros Servicios

Desarrollo a medida en estas áreas

Check the schedule of your employees

Easily manage the working hours of your company’s employees.

  • Registra la actividad real
  • Control de absentismo
  • Control de horas extras
  • Control de las vacaciones
  • Geolocalización
  • En la nube...

Use business intelligence solutions for best results.

Business intelligence (BI) services aim to meet the needs of companies that plan to develop, modernize or improve their BI solutions or benefit from the presentation of insightful reports.

We offer

  • Auditoria
  • Implantación
  • Seguimiento
  • Soporte

Development of custom projects

We create software solutions that offer personalized user experiences that guarantee a higher lifetime value for your customers.

  • ERP
  • CRM
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Web progresiva
  • SAAS

Private storage cloud solutions for your company.

Imagine for a moment, the tranquility in your company by having a totally private cloud space, where you can store and upload documents while sharing them with the rest of the company’s employees. Now that is possible!

With your private cloud you can:

  • Sincronizar tus documentos
  • Acceso desde el movil
  • Respaldo en automático
  • Aumenta la productividad
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